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17 Best Memes of Ryan Tannehill & the Miami Dolphins Humiliate by the Cincinnati Bengals

If anyone thought the Miami Dolphins were going to do better than before this season, the Cincinnati Bengals proved them wrong. The memes focused on the awfulness of the Miami team on Thursday Night football, and especially Ryan Tannehill.

Live look at the Dolphins

Tannehill looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Not just because of his offensive line being terrible for yet another season, but because his decision making, immobility in the pocket and inability to recognize pressure when it’s coming seem to make him worse than he was two and three years ago.

This loss, along with the 1-3 start in general, brings up the debate about Tannehill being the right player for the Dolphins in the future. Maybe he is, and all that is needed is a better offensive line. Maybe playing in this type of situation has ruined Tannehill for good. But the Dolphins look further away from making the playoffs over the last two seasons compared to where they were two years ago. That’s not something that should happen if you’re making the right decisions.

After two tough and humbling losses, the Bengals were happy to face a team that’s as terrible as the Dolphins. A.J. Green ran wild, Andy Dalton looked efficient, and the defense had an easy time both harassing Tannehill with five sacks, and keeping the Dolphins awful running game in shambles.

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