28 Best Memes of Tony Romo Breaking a Bone in his Back

Tony Romo new number

Another season, another Tony Romo injury, and one more scramble by the Dallas Cowboys to find a veteran quarterback, while the memes split their time between making fun of Romo’s fragility, and raising up Dak Prescott to be the savior of a franchise.

Few things bring out memes like something bad happening to the Cowboys. Despite not winning a Super Bowl in 20 years, and despite making the playoffs just once in the last six seasons, they remain the most popular and hated team among NFL fans. Successful or not, there’s a reason the Cowboys are more valuable than any other sports franchise in the world: They’re interesting. Very interesting.

So what now? Romo, who missed 12 games last season as the Cowboys fell from 12-4 to 4-12, will be out for at least six games, but maybe 10. In the meantime, while Romo has time to ponder his career in the NFL and the Cowboys can think about their next move in regards to their franchise quarterback, Prescott will start on the field. A fourth round rookie, who was initially supposed to be the #3 on the depth chart.

In the preseason, he’s been on fire. But there’s a huge difference between starring for Mississippi State and against backup defenses, and leading one of the most tense teams in the National Football League in a division that’s better than it was last year. Prescott might be the real thing, but even if the Cowboys saw him as the heir to Romo, he probably wasn’t supposed to be thrown into this kind of situation right at the start.

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