21 Best Memes of Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers Beaten by the New Orleans Saints

The season keeps getting worse for the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton. The memes? They’re not feeling sorry for a team that dabbed it’s way to the best record in the NFL last season, while winning just one game in six games following their loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Newton returned from a concussion-forced absence, and while it helped the Panthers look better on offense, their defense got torched by Drew Brees, giving up 41 points. The Panthers aren’t as bad as their 1-5 record suggests, but making the playoffs is no longer a concern. Stopping this landslide is.

Every year a bandwagon team emerges. Sometimes it lasts a bit more than one season. The Panthers were last year’s fad. A cool, arrogant team, beating and beating up everyone, going all the way to the Super Bowl, and losing. The bandwagoners were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt even after their season opening loss at Denver. Now? They’re jumping ship by the thousands.

The Panthers have come back from a similar situation two years ago, but it seems that this season their confidence has been cracked, their defense stripped of most of its talent, and few teams underestimate them. On the contrary. Everyone seems more than happy helping them remain at the bottom of the NFC South.

evolution-of-a-bandwagon-fan evolution-of-panthers-logo ashamed-panthers-fan cam-newton-1-5-crying-jordan cam-newton-cry-baby dab-away-the-tears panthers-fans-right-now 1-15-panthers-cam-newton panthers-in-2015-panthers-in-2016 pounding-off for-dabbing-your-eyes cam-newton-crying-jordan-reflection brucie-calling-ron-rivera from-panthers-to-vikings-bandwagon one-hit-wonder panthers-suck-again-2 from-first-to-worst panthers-fans-figuring-out-playoff-odds started-from-the-bottom fig-newton panthers-in-2016