11 Best Memes of the Chicago Cubs & Cleveland Indians Beating the Los Angeles Dodgers & Toronto Blue Jays

Meme makers focused on two players in a rare night of two championship series games one after another: Miguel Montero for his home run that helped the Chicago Cubs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Andrew Miller for once again being unhittable in the Cleveland Indians win over the Toronto Blue Jays. Clutch memes.

Miller has been untouchable, as if someone switched on some sort of god mode in his back. He strikes out almost everyone he faces, he doesn’t seem to get tired with back to back relief appearances, usually lasting two innings. Bats aren’t even touching his pitches, most of them filthy sliders that come from those excellent angles he creates.

While the Blue Jays are trying to figure out what to do with Miller, the Dodgers and Cubs series takes on a different narrative. Not that of elite pitching, but big hitting. Dexter Fowler got a home run to go with his fantastic defense, but Miguel Montero in a pinch hitting performance stole the show.

Grand Slam home runs are always something to celebrate, but especially if they break ties, and make up for most of the reason the Cubs took a 1-0 lead over the Dodgers in the NLCS. Things may turn around soon, but Miller’s pitching and the Cubs obvious advantages should probably mean we’re going to have a Cleveland – Chicago World Series.