12 Best Memes of the Brock Osweiler & the Houston Texans Crushed by the Minnesota Vikings

There were moments in the first half when it felt Osweiler simply wanted to go sit on the bench and wait for it to be over. Nothing the Texans did advanced the ball forward. And while the Vikings don’t offer the most exciting offensive combination, their defense is good, they just have to be efficient and effective, which they are, led by the so far flawless Sam Bradford.

In the end, the Texans did put 13 points on the board and even advanced for something like 212 yards in the game. However, Osweiler looked like an even bigger bust in this game. So far, through the first five weeks of his first season on the $72 million, four-year deal, Osweiler has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns (7-to-6) while posting a passer rating that’s barely over 70. That’s not good if you’re not familiar with the rating system.

At this point, one has to ask when do the Vikings get stopped? Right now, with no one really putting themselves above the NFL in terms of quality, they have to be recognized as the best in the league and who knows, maybe even good enough to run the table.

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