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Best Memes of Mark Sanchez Signed by the Dallas Cowboys

Sanchez more playoff wins than Dallas

At this point of his career, Mark Sanchez is an Internet joke, so it’s no wonder that combining him with meme makers favorite team to hate on, the Dallas Cowboys, brought out plenty of memes making fun of both.

The Cowboys needed a veteran quarterback, and the Denver Broncos just released Sanchez because he wouldn’t accept a pay cut. While Sanchez is no one’s choice for a starting quarterback unless you’re playing for nothing this season, the 7-year veteran is what the Cowboys needed.

They’re going to start a rookie at quarterback for at least half the season. Their backup quarterback until Tony Romo returns is an undrafted rookie from 2015. The Cowboys needed just a little bit of experience in the depth chart, and Sanchez can provide that.

And this is probably going to be the rest of Sanchez’ career, unless he gets a chance to step up and actually grabs it with both hands: A career backup, moving from team to team, sometimes enjoying a starters injury, sometimes sitting out an entire year. His days of being recognized as an actual #1 QB in the NFL are over, have been for a long time.

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