39 Best Memes of Russell Wilson & the Seattle Seahawks Bullied by Cam Newton & the Carolina Panthers

The memes were brutal with the Seattle Seahawks and Russell Wilson as their 2015 NFL season came to an end, getting beaten quite badly despite their second half comeback by the Carolina Panthers and a happy (most of the time) Cam Newton.

For one half, it looked like the Panthers were going to set some kind of record, going up 31-0, sacking Wilson from every angle and intercepting him twice, including once for a pick six. The Seahawks looked helpless on offense and defense, while there was nothing the Panthers couldn’t get right. From a running game that bulldozed its way into the endzone. to Newton finding every receiver he was trying to target.

But then the second half happened, which slightly killed the buzz inside the stadium, with the Seahawks putting up 24 unanswered points and Wilson showing just how good he is. However, the Panthers forcing the Seahawks to settle for a field goal with 1:12 and holding off their drive for just enough time ended Seattle’s momentum, resulting in a failed onside kick and Newton kneeling his way to victory, while the Seahawks tried hitting him, which is kinda dirty, but was their only choice.

So the Panthers don’t blow the opportunity they get like two years ago against the 49ers, and avenge their playoff loss against the Seahawks from a year ago. Whatever happens next for them in the NFC championship game, they’ve taken the next step as a football team, but in a league that one seasons often looks nothing like the previous one for most teams, it’s important they don’t miss this opportunity to make the Super Bowl.

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