14 Best Memes of Jose Mourinho Sacked by Chelsea

It’s hard not to gloat as the biggest mouth in football, Jose Mourinho, lost his job as the manager of Chelsea. The meme makers certainly weren’t gentle with him.

Mourinho getting sacked means that he’s once again unable to build something long term with a club, even though this time he really wanted to. Maybe he simply burns out the players he has under him too quickly, although always with something to show for it. Maybe it’s something else.

Was it sabotage by many key players at Chelsea? Was it simply Mourinho making the wrong tactical and personnel choices when picking his team? Was it just a mistake of not bringing in any new players after winning a championship, helping breed complacency?

Whatever it was, you’re never going to replace the whole team when you can just fire the manager. And Chelsea, finding themselves in real relegation problems, didn’t really have much of a choice left.

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