27 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Humiliated by Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors with Stephen Curry burst the Cleveland Cavaliers bubble of thinking a healthy team with LeBron James would beat the NBA champions. Memes mostly focused on making fun of the Cavs, their fans, and two in particular, caught falling asleep and the other picking his nose on national TV.

But besides the fans making fools out of themselves, the Cavaliers did an even worse job of being respectable. They lost 132-98, as the Warriors played the best they can, which turns out, is way too much for the Cavaliers to handle. They led by 13 at the end of the first quarter, by 26 at halftime and by 37 when the fourth quarter began. Anyone looking for a tense, quality finals rematch, got one team playing to perfection and a whole lot of garbage time.

David Blatt took responsibility for the team looking this bad, while the Warriors simply gloated and were even slightly bored in their awesomeness. All the talk of issues due to their previous losses disappeared. Curry kept on hitting everything he had to shoot while the most important player, Draymond Green, dominated on both ends of the floor, showing he’s the best passer and defender on this team, and is usually the difference between tough games and easy wins.

Where to from here? The Cavaliers, luckily for them, don’t have to play the Warriors anymore this season, and unless this loss shakes them up from a negative point of view, they’ll continue to dominate Eastern conference teams. For the Warriors, this was a return to their usual brand of basketball, while keeping a sort of safe distance from the San Antonio Spurs.

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