26 Best Memes of LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers Crushing the Toronto Raptors

Home court means everything in this series, as the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James destroy the Toronto Raptors with a historic first half, and meme makers were quite happy to jump on the opportunity.

The Cavaliers were up by 40 points at the end of the third quarter, with 100 points. All the things the Raptors did so well in games 3 & 4 disappeared, as Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving showed up again, and James was happy to play facilitator.

For the Raptors, these were similar scenes from games 1 & 2: The key players sitting on the bench very early, holding their heads, not smiling, looking lost. Maybe they know that at home things will be different, but how many times can they pull this trick of relying on home floor energy and comfort to try and swing this series their way again?

For the Cavaliers, this game possibly gives a lot of confidence as they head into game 6, traveling to Toronto again, hoping border control is more lenient this time. If they know the Raptors crumble even before they enter the Arena in Cleveland, they can feel a lot more relaxed, even in the difficult, hostile atmosphere in Jurassic Park.

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