Memes Praising North Carolina, Making Fun of Duke & Notre Dame

There’s no universal hate for Notre Dame in basketball, so being underdogs and losing to North Carolina didn’t really budge the meme makers, who got in a couple of jokes through the crying Jordan trend, and there’s another one referring to Duke and Mike Krzyzewski.

Because whenever North Carolina move forward and Duke go home, it’s a happy day for the Tar Heels, or aren’t just revelling on the fact that they’re in the Final Four for the first time in seven years, but also in the knowing that Duke got bumped out of the tournament by Oregon (also out by now) and even more due to Mike Krzyzewski getting into a mini scandal by lying about what he and Dillon Brooks talked about after the game, and getting caught. Of course he apologized, saying he spoke incorrectly, even though lying best describes his actions.

And Notre Dame? Well, two Elite Eight appearances in two years is something special for them. Although Mike Brey is bringing the program back to prominence, he made a huge mistake by sitting Zach Auguste for too long, allowing North Carolina to take over the paint and pretty much seal the win. Great recruiters and coaches who make it fun for their players to play together aren’t necessarily the best game managers.

Manti T'eo Crying Jordan Checking in Crying Jordan Fighting Irish

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