18 Best Memes of the Denver Broncos Dumping Brock Osweiler & Going Back to Peyton Manning

The memes following the Denver Broncos clinching the number one seed in the AFC at the expense of the New England Patriots mostly makes fun of the team’s fans for suddenly booing Brock Osweiler, forgetting they did the same thing to Peyton Manning less than two months ago.

That’s the life of a sports fan. Short memories, live in the moment. Osweiler suddenly doing bad, with three turnovers that could cost the Broncos the bye and the division title? Start booing him, while Manning, who seemed like he had played his last NFL game, got in the game to seal the win. He didn’t do much, but quarterback always get all the glory.

Meanwhile, far away, in a much warmer and sunnier place, the Miami Dolphins, with 0 pressure and nothing to play for, didn’t just knock the Patriots out of their #1 seed in the AFC. They also beat up Tom Brady and left him hobbling to leave a depressing yet arrogant (he can’t help it) press conference.

While the HGH scandal withers away, the controversy of who plays for the Broncos at quarterback commences. For the next two weeks, while the Broncos wait to find out who will be their first playoff rival, the pressure to bring back Manning to the QB1 spot will be greater and greater on Gary Kubiak.

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