18 Best Memes of Philip Rivers & the San Diego Chargers Beating Trevor Siemian & the Denver Broncos

The memes weren’t gentle with the Denver Broncos and Trevor Siemian as they lost to the San Diego Chargers and a fantastic Philip Rivers, with their Super Bowl winning formula suddenly running into some problems.

Yes, as it turns out, putting a third-string quarterback or raw rookie quarterback doesn’t automatically promise you wins, because on some days, the heralded defense won’t be that good. There’s only so much Von Miller and co. can do when the offense line is poor and Demaryius Thomas can’t hold on to a ball.

The Chargers won’t suddenly become great and win the AFC West. This team is crippled with injuries, and Mike McCoy is working on borrowed time. But the Chargers have gotten used to sinking the Broncos when it’s least expected. It shouldn’t be that surprising considering it was a Thursday Night game, and Siemian isn’t the second coming of a young Peyton Manning.

Meanwhile, the ones really celebrating are the Oakland Raiders, a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2002, now on top of the division, with a 4-1 record. Maybe it’s too good to last, but for a weekend at least, they’re the best in the division.

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