19 Best Memes of Iceland Stunning England

England Iceland Bosses

Another Euro, another England disappointment, this time against Iceland, which gives meme makers an opportunity to tear into the flesh and make fun of the national team that never makes it difficult to be made fun of.

In another classic England exit, they lost to Iceland despite holding the lead, completing a tournament with just one win in four matches, and carrying on their tradition of being unable to win Euro matches in the knockout stage, at least not without penalty kicks.

Roy Hodgson has coached his last match for England. Three disappointing, not to say disastrous campaigns, including a World Cup with a group stage exit and only one point. A manager that should never be at this level. It showed when he worked at Liverpool. Somehow he landed the England job, and had a qualifying campaign that indicated something completely different. Everyone was fooled.

And Iceland? Hats off to them. Not parking the bus. They play, like most Scandinavian teams, old-school English football, with a touch of modern panache. It’s been working wonderfully so far, and to see them beating anyone shouldn’t be a surprise.

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