Teddy Bridgewater & Tony Romo Meme Uses Forrest Gump to Make Fun of Quarterback Injuries

Maybe the funniest meme to appear since Teddy Bridgewater tore his ACL and left the Minnesota Vikings without a starting quarterback depicts Tony Romo as Forrest Gump, while Bridgewater plays the part of Lieutenant Dan.

For those who haven’t seen the movie or read the book, the connection here is that both Gump and Lieutenant Dan served together in the Vietnam war. Gump saves Lt. Dan after the latter was injured in his legs and couldn’t walk. The two are next to each other in the military hospital, with a famous scene being Gump offering Lt. Dan ice cream.

Any joke that needs explaining is often not a very good one, but we’ll continue. Romo is a veteran to these kind of injuries. Although him going out for eight to 10 weeks is a huge blow to the Dallas Cowboys, it’s not that surprising considering his career, and especially last season. The Bridgewater injury came out of nowhere. No one even touched him as he tore up his knee with the wrong movement, and most of those witnessing the scene probably still haven’t gotten over it.

Romo will be back this season, but at some point, with him being one of the oldest quarterbacks in the NFL, it’s going to be impossible for him to be as good as he was before. Bridgewater’s injury is so concerning because it might be more than just a season off the field. This could be a career altering injury, and who knows how good he’ll be once he comes back. Sometimes players bounce back and have a long career, like Carson Palmer. A lot of other times it doesn’t end that well.

Romo Bridgewater Meme Forrest Gump