9 Best Memes of Warriors & Curry Blasting Rockets, Raptors Losing at Home & More

There was nothing too surprising or shocking in the first night of the 2016 NBA playoffs, which meant not a whole lot of memes making fun of people. A bit of Stephen Curry getting it on with Patrick Beverley, some Golden State Warriors crushing the Houston Rockets and the Toronto Raptors messing up in the postseason once again.

It’s rinse & repeat with the Raptors. The dinosaur logo when the playoffs begin, replaced by Barney when it’s over. Maybe they can alter their fates this time, but losing at home in the series opener is always a big sign of things to come.

Meanwhile, both the Warriors and the Thunder took care of Texas teams – Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. Curry and Beverley got into a little altercation early on in their game but it didn’t have a sequel during the contest. Meanwhile, the Mavericks didn’t even try putting up a fight, scoring only 11 first quarter points and limping their way towards what looks like a first round sweep.

Curry twisted his ankle later in the game, but it had nothing to do with Beverley. He didn’t seem to be in too much pain while sitting on the bench late into garbage time, but Steve Kerr didn’t risk want to risk the MVP, playing him only 20 minutes, which was enough for Curry to drop 24 points.

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