15 Best Memes of the Los Angeles Lakers Stunning Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors

There’s nothing funnier than the Sad Jordan meme on the face of Stephen Curry, because it happens so rarely. What’s even rarer is a team as bad as the Los Angeles Lakers managing to beat the Golden State Warriors.

It’s hard to explain how the worst team in the West can beat a team that’s on it’s way to post the best regular season record of all-time except: It happens. Sometimes, rarely, Curry and Thompson can’t hit an open three even if their lives depended on it. Combine that with coming in less focused and aggressive than usual while the Lakers gave it their all, and you get a massive upset when you look at the overall numbers of these two teams.

Are the Warriors upset about losing? Probably, like they were the previous five times they lost this season. Do they let it get to them? It didn’t happen in the previous losses, and there’s a long, comfortable home stand waiting for them. They’re probably going to be just fine.

And the Lakers? They get an example of what the Jordan Clarkson and D’Angelo Russell backcourt can be, if only Kobe Bryant stayed out of their way. He had nothing to do with the win except being on the court. He did more harm than good, which isn’t surprising considering he’s playing with one good shoulder, but a big enough ego to make up for every injury in the world.

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