15 Best Memes of Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors Losing to the Milwaukee Bucks

The streak is over. The Milwaukee Bucks are the meme heroes of the day for beating the Golden State Warriors, ending their 24 (or 27 stretching back to last season) game winning streak, handing them their first loss of the season and making Stephen Curry look sad for the first time in over six months.

In the grand scheme of things, this loss means nothing. The Warriors are still by far the best team in the NBA. But everyone needed some proof that they’re human. That they’re beatable. That there’s a chance for everyone else.

All it took was the Warriors have a double overtime game the night before and a couple of injuries. Does this mean we shouldn’t be celebrating their loss? Maybe. But while Curry complained about injuries after the game, the entire league laughed because the Warriors have probably been the healthiest team in the league for over a season. And that is a thing of luck, just like an injury is an unlucky issue.

The Warriors will bounce back and keep winning, maybe at the previous pace, and maybe a little bit slower. The Bucks will remain a mediocre-to-good team most of the time. But for maybe the one, single time this season, they had most of the league paying attention to them, and actually rooting for them to win.

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