16 Best Memes of Stephen Curry & the Golden State Warriors Torching the Oklahoma City Thunder

Didn't you thunder

Things change quickly. Meme makers are now dissing the Oklahoma City Thunder, while Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors are getting all the praise.

And why wouldn’t they? Curry exploded like only he can with 15 points in about two minutes to eliminate the Thunder from thinking about leaving the Bay Area with a 2-0 lead in the playoff series.

Kevin Durant shut down like he sometimes does for no reason, and Russell Westbrook had one of those games when his decision making reminds that of a faulty robot, with the wires sticking out of his back. While the Thunder kept their defensive poise, they remained within touching distance of the Warriors. But when they failed in keeping Curry relatively secure, the game slipped away from them.

And that’s the problem with the Warriors, and this series. Curry needs to be under check 48 minutes, or for as long as he’s on the floor. Meanwhile, other Warriors can be almost as damaging. For the Thunder, offensively, both Durant and Westbrook need to be in their zone. Once Westbrook doesn’t have an aggressive yet controlled night, their chances of winning a game are greatly reduced.

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