18 Best Memes of Curry & the Warriors Overcoming Durant, Westbrook & the Thunder

Stephen Curry made sure the meme makers were mostly off his, the Golden State Warriors and Draymond Green’s back for a couple of games, paying attention to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.

To be fair, Green isn’t doing himself any favors. As the Warriors narrowed the Thunder’s lead in the conference finals to 3-2, he had himself another forgettable game, and another high kick that just seems ridiculous now. It wasn’t as malicious as in the previous times, but his idiotic excuse of simply kicking high with his leg just seems dumber and dumber each time he does something.

The Warriors still don’t look as good as we’ve gotten used to. There’s something that just doesn’t work for them against the Thunder, and even though they won, it feels that they’re having a much harder time than they’re supposed to. Now they also need to figure out how to win in Oklahoma City, where they’ve been blown out twice in the last week.

The Thunder? I think their loss in game 5 isn’t such a big hit to their confidence and plans. The Warriors aren’t going to be cold all the time, but overall, the Thunder’s plan on offense continues to work. They shouldn’t be overconfident (which they might have been heading into game 5), but they’re in a solid position to make the NBA finals for the first time in four years.

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