29 Best Memes of Russell Westbrook & the Thunder Destroying Stephen Curry & the Warriors

There’s nothing like toppling someone at the top, which makes the current state of affairs in the playoff series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors, with Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant schooling Stephen Curry and his team, a paradise for meme makers.

The Warriors seem to be lost. Not just two games down in the series, but also quite unsure about how to stop the Thunder and win in Oklahoma City. They’re heading back home, but they’re going back to OKC if they win game 5. They find themselves facing elimination for the first time since 2014. This is the first time Steve Kerr has coached a series with more than two losses for his team.

The biggest problem for the Warriors is their inability to keep up with the speed and length of the Thunder. The Thunder’s defense is relentless and their ability to cancel out Draymond Green while never letting Curry get open isn’t just making things hard for the Warriors – it’s leaving them clueless, frustrated and maybe a bit deflated.

Maybe this is the big coming out for Westbrook and Durant. Durant stepping aside and letting Westbrook, finally focused for an entire game and without big letdowns, showing that he just might be the best player in this series, even if the MVP is on the other team.

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Images: NBA Memes & Crying Jordan