11 Best Memes of Stephen Curry & the Golden Warriors Crushing the San Antonio Spurs

What should have been the best game of basketball we’ve seen this season turned out to be a one-sided affair starring Stephen Curry as he and the Golden State Warriors abused the San Antonio Spurs, taking the brunt of the jokes through memes after the game.

Excuses? While missing Tim Duncan is important, especially on the defensive end, it doesn’t explain how the Spurs turned the ball over 25 times and looked clueless offensively, and from there quite helpless defensively, as Curry went off for 37 points in just 28 minutes, with Gregg Popovich either giving up on this game right from the start or simply making awful decisions when it comes to player selection and his matchups on defense.

Whatever it was, it quickly turned into a blowout, and gave him the opportunity to bench pretty much anyone that matters on his team. The Warriors? They didn’t need to use their best players as well, and mostly the answered the question of what it’ll be like once they meet with the Spurs, with the two teams having only 10 combined losses heading into the game, something that doesn’t happen at this point of the season.

Popovich joked about getting fired after the game but mostly he looked a little bit stunned at how it all went down. The Warriors? They just keep proving themselves at every testing point about how good they are, with anyone trying to doubt them running out of excuses.

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