28 Best Memes of Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers Stunned by the Arizona Cardinals

The divisional playoff game between the Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers gave us exciting football, but mostly memes for the Aaron Rodgers hail mary, the weird non coin flip and mostly, Larry Fitzgerald winning the game in overtime.

This was one of those games in which Rodgers carried a Packers team with injuries all around, a bad offensive line and a head coach that no one seems to respect and almost won it by himself. That hail mary throw to Jeff Janis as time ran out was his second of the season, showing it’s no fluke. He really is that good, but is playing for a limited team, and has been for a long time, which results in playoff disappointment for a fifth consecutive year.

The Cardinals? Carson Palmer finally wins a playoff game. All it took was getting out of Cincinnati, and having a scary looking group around him, with Larry Fitzgerald, who wants to return to the Super Bowl so badly, making it happen in overtime with one big play after a weird scramble and the game winning touchdown, against a Packers defense that seems to have lost its ability to tackle in tight spaces.

Will this be enough for the NFC championship game? Hard to say. The Cardinals dominated the Packers in the regular season meeting, but it’s hard to do it twice against a good team in such a short time. Green Bay enter another offseason wondering what’s the problem and how to get Aaron Rodgers back in the Super Bowl. The Cardinals are starting to feel like it’s the 2008 season all over again.

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