24 Best Memes of Draymond Green Kicking Steven Adams in the Groin

The funniest thing about the Oklahoma City Thunder crushing the Golden State Warriors? Meme makers all agree – Draymond Green showing his dirty side by kicking Steven Adams in the groin.

When it happens once, it might be a mistake. When it happens two games in a row? Well, some might call it a coincidence, but except for Green, Steve Kerr and the blindest of Warriors fans, everyone is quite certain it was as intentional as it can get. And why should it be surprising? Green might be one of the best players in the NBA, but he’s also one of the dirtiest. He’s simply doing enough good stuff on offense to hide that.

Rumor has it that the NBA is going to rule it as a flagrant 2 and not suspend Green, which would fit with the conspiracy theory that the league doesn’t want to interfere with the Warriors making it to the NBA finals again. But these rulings should be about fairness, and if Dahntay Jones of the Cavaliers was suspended, partially because of his history, Green should get at least one game to think about what he did.

And to actual basketball? Green was the worst player on the court in the 133-105 loss which puts the Warriors behind again, suggesting that everything achieved in the regular season, including breaking the 1996 Bulls win-loss record, could go down the drain very soon.

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