18 Best Memes of Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Winning an Oscar

Deserving or not (you never know with the Academy Awards), Leonardo DiCaprio has finally won the Oscar for outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role for his portrayal of Hugh Glass in The Revenant, which immediately led to a horde of memes celebrating the event, which everyone has been waiting to see.

DiCaprio himself looked less excited about the whole thing than those at home tweeting and messaging about it. He’s been up for the award a number of times before, and as the Oscars usually do, at some point you get yours, sometimes as something of a lifetime achievement award, only called something else. But he’s only 41, so it has to be his acting chops, right?

How do sports fit in? Not a whole lot. People made fun of those not winning championships, like the Philadelphia Eagles and LeBron James. But the best memes were the dumping memes and so hot right now from Zoolander in regards to DiCaprio speaking about global warming, being a lot more passionate about that than actually winning the award he’s been up for three times in the past, while also being nominated once as a supporting actor and another time as a producer.

So who will the public back now to win an Oscar? Hard to say. Maybe Michael Keaton who everyone felt was slightly robbed for not winning the Oscar after his job on Birdman, although he won in a bunch of other award shows. Does it really matter? Personally, I feel like the Golden Globes do a better job of picking the “right” person each year, while the Oscars simply have more prestige. But as Frodo memes say, it’s over, it’s finally over. We can move on to other things, just as unimportant.

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