Jose Mourinho Not so Special Anymore; Manchester United Too

Football critics love to say Jose Mourinho makes himself bigger than the club he works for. They wanted Manchester United about this. And they’re right, but the media has the power to make itself right by simply deciding what the narrative is.

Jose Mourinho & Manchester United Meme

It’s a really simply flowchart when it comes to Mourinho and Manchester United. Louis van Gaal was a dead man walking at Old Trafford for most of last season. It was obvious to everyone Mourinho will be the one who replaces him. The media says Manchester United needs to hire Mourinho because of his win-now mentality. Manchester United hire Mourinho.

Now begins the tearing down phase of the job. The media loves Mourinho, especially when he’s not doing well, because he reacts in such a viral way, which is easier to share with everyone. The media warns that Mourinho is going to become bigger than the club at Manchester United. And what happens? The media focuses on Mourinho and his own mistakes or personal flaws, real or not, instead of talking about the players or the front office mistakes, turning Mourinho into a bigger problem than the club itself. Job well done.

Personally? Mourinho has never been my cup of tea, and he’s made mistakes during the summer by missing the picture: Manchester United aren’t just two or three signings away from being the best club in England, and one of the best in Europe anymore. His insistence on Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a problem, forcing a certain style on the team that’s too slow and doesn’t work. But he’s still not washed up, nor are United in for a massive overhaul. They’ve had a slow start, but it’s from the disaster some are trying to make it seem like.