16 Best Memes of the Golden State Warriors Destroying LeBron James & the Cleveland Cavaliers

It’s just a regular season game, but there’s no doubt that the Golden State Warriors crushing the Cleveland Cavaliers in a revenge-match of sorts, with LeBron James getting bulldozed by Draymond Green in the process, deserves a little bit of meme glory.

This happened last year. The Warriors went into Cleveland and humbled the Cavaliers with a win that led to David Blatt getting fired. Five months later, in the NBA finals, the Cavaliers had the last laugh, so just like the 1-point win by the Cavs on Christmas meant very little, the same can be said for this blowout for the Warriors.

But it was a win the Warriors needed. A team with players who take social media and reactions to heart, with a lot of ego, needed this win, even if they were already with the best record in the NBA, and know they have the most talented team. Even when you know something, it’s nice to get some proof.

And for the Green-LeBron incident. It was a dirty foul by Green which was milked by James, although him falling down wasn’t a flop. When someone as big as Green tackles you, you go down. Green adding the flop acting later? Just a little salt to injury, and spicing up this rivalry, which will reach new heights if we’ll see a 3rd straight finals series between the teams. But few players get away with dirty fouls and regular ones on the court as Green does, which is a wonder no one is calling him out for.

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