Kevin Durant No Ring Memes Are Why he Joined the Golden State Warriors

For those still wondering why Kevin Durant chose to sign with the Golden State Warriors, a meme making fun of him not having a championship, while standing next to Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, explains his motivation perfectly.

A meme? Durant didn’t do it because of a meme, but the whole culture of judging great players first and foremost for the numbers of championships they have in a team sport instead of their individual achievements and stats, pushed Durant away from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Warriors. Durant really cares about what’s been said and written about him. He reads everything, absorbs everything. These thing get to him.

The only thing on Durant’s mind when making the decision: Where will it be easiest for me to win a championship. Simple. Understandable. His legacy? Having a championship, even one that many think is due to him taking the easy route, is better than winning all the scoring titles in the world and ending up without one. So what if he turned himself into a hypocrite, twice criticizing LeBron James on Twitter for leaving his teams to put himself in a better position to win a title? He just shouldn’t be surprised if he’s not the most popular player in the league, and him and the Warriors failing will result in a lot of people being very happy.

The “smile if you have a ring” memes are quite popular, usually making fun of Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony when they hang out with LeBron and Dwyane Wade. Durant joins a team of champions, with the expectation of becoming one himself. If he’s really sensitive to how social media reacted and will react to his & the Warriors every loss next season, he needs to get off the Internet until at least next April, if not much longer.

Kevin Durant No Ring Meme