15 Best Memes Heading into Game 6 of the NBA Finals

Warriors Bandwagon Fans

Memes heading into game 6 of the NBA Finals are focusing more on Draymond Green coming back on his suspension, LeBron James hatred and a bit on the whole Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers playing for a championship thing.

Because memes often focus on the less important things. That’s what makes them funny – instead of going for the obvious and the actually significant, it gets more smiles and attention to go after the hot topic. In this game, it’ll be seeing how Green copes with the pressure of the Cavaliers targeting him and trying to incite a reaction that will get him ejected or suspended again.

But there are other things besides James defending his groin from Green. The Warriors need to respond to the 82 points dropped on them by James and Kyrie Irving in the previous game. They have what it takes to fire back with their own set of superstars. And who knows if that Kyrie-LeBron explosion wasn’t just a one time thing?

The Warriors have more to work with in order to finish the job and win back-to-back NBA titles in Cleveland, this time with a bit more bad blood between the two teams, something that didn’t exist a year ago. If it makes game 6 more interesting, we’re all for it. We’d rather have a game 7 anyway. The more basketball, the better.

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