30 Best Memes of Jacoby Brissett & the New England Patriots Destroying Brock Osweiler & the Houston Texans


The New England Patriots shutting out Brock Osweiler and the Houston Texans makes for such a fertile meme making game: Jacoby Brissett winning on his debut, Bill Belichick making the Pats tick to perfection no matter who is playing, Brock Osweiler delivering another bad game, and J.J. Watt not really knowing what’s going on.

Tom Brady didn’t play, but the wins with Jimmy Garoppolo and now Brissett, the first African-American quarterback in Patriots history, and also in charge of the longest quarterback rushing touchdown since 1976, means that maybe Brady is overrated? It doesn’t really matter, but in the spirit of making fun of anyone possible, Brady takes some heat too.

Roger Goodell, along with Texans players, is probably the most vilified person in these memes. People in Boston believe Goodell has a personal vendetta against their team. True or not, after all of the punishments and especially the 4-game suspension Brady received, the Patriots starting the season 3-0 is like one huge middle finger in Goodell’s face. At least that’s how Patriots fans see it.

Belichick and Brissett are the heroes of this game, at least the ones capturing the headlines. If there was any need to see more examples of Belichick’s brilliance as a head coach, strategist and tactician, the success of Brissett (who deserves all the credit in the world), without Brady, Garoppolo and Rob Gronkowski, this destruction of the previously undefeated Texans settles that. Belichick is the best head coach in the NFL, and the Patriots are scary good.

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Images via NFL Memes