10 Best Memes of the New England Patriots & Matthew Slater Electing to Kick

The New England Patriots losing to the New York Jets wasn’t the focus of the memes makers. Instead, Matthew Slater electing to kick in overtime after winning the coin toss stole the show.

In a moment of pure confusion by everyone, Slater of the Patriots chose heads and won the coin toss before overtime. Now, this isn’t college football. A touchdown and you win the game. You have Tom Brady on your team, with Rob Gronkowski waiting for someone to feed him the ball. You choose to receive, every time. But Slater, following the orders of an arrogant Bill Belichick, chose to kick.

The Jets were shocked by it, and it seemed like Slater was shocked by the words coming out of his mouth. The face he makes at the sidelines is priceless. By choosing to kick, he lost the ability to choose sides as well, while people back home were thinking he wants to take the decision back.

The Patriots losing in overtime to an Eric Decker touchdown doesn’t have that big of an implication on their season. It’ll still be a #1 or #2 seed, although they did make things slightly more complicated for them in the final week. The Jets need to say a big thank you, because now, they’re in pole position instead of the Pittsburgh Steelers to make the playoffs.

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