33 Best Memes of Donald Trump Beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Elections

This is the year of come-from-behind and miracles, not necessarily good ones. Donald Trump dominated the swing-states and then some to destroy Hillary Clinton in the polls that matter, which makes for some excellent post-presidential elections memes.

We have no dog in this fight, and from the site’s standpoint, it didn’t matter who won. However, as far as memes go, I’m pretty sure they’re better thanks to Trump becoming the most unlikely president in the history of the United States. The combination of sports memes and politics has always been great, and this is pretty much the pinnacle of these world colliding.

Whether or not Trump will actually act on everything he talked about during the campaign remains to be seen, but the reaction memes to things like alleged racism, the demand to build a wall on the Mexican border or how the world feels right now are hilarious. Maybe we won’t be laughing once he starts working as president.

The countdown to the end of the Obama administration has gone into overdrive, with the most un-republican Republican candidate waiting to take over the oval office. Hillary Clinton? She’ll probably fade away from American politics, taking a blow that’s very difficult to recover from, especially when you’re in the lead for so long. Kinda like the Warriors and Indians in 2016, but a lot more painful. You can’t say “there’s always next season” to her.

trump-with-the-interception bill-clinton-right-now trump-rap trump-witneses hillary-clinton-crying-jordan hillary-jail-meme hillary-steven-gerrard i-luv-this-book trump-ronaldo-header clinton-caught-offside clinton-supporters-be-like dabbers-lose clintons-crying-jordan hillary-almost-had-it where-everything-went-wrong i-voted-for-bernie trump-eats-salty-tears hillary-clinton-going-home cnn-crying-jordan look-at-me-im-the-president-now trump-slays-clinton trump-deal-with-it mexico-border-crying-jordan stronger-together-crying-jordan right-now trump-clinton-auburn-alabama miley-cyrus-for-clinton trump-clinton-negan trump-pickup murcia-trump not-rigged no-more-mr-president aint-leaving