11 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick & the San Francisco 49ers Oppressed by the Buffalo Bills

Support it or not, the Colin Kaepernick vs the national anthem protest is losing its momentum. Meanwhile, the quarterback has returned to us, and the memes mostly focus on how bad he and the San Francisco 49ers did.

Kaepernick is something else now. Maybe he’s the best quarterback the 49ers have, but it didn’t look like it made much of a difference against the Bills, who literally ran all over San Francisco. Kaepernick? He threw his first touchdown pass in a year, not that it made a difference.

Kaepernick the social justice warrior, whether it’s fair or not, is almost a caricature and symbol now more than he is a football player. Obviously, it depends how you view his comments and choice of protest against what he sees as social injustices in the United States. But as a quarterback, he’s close to becoming irrelevant.

Maybe against less difficult opponents, and with a few more pounds of muscle on his body, the results will change too. Right now, Kaepernick is getting a lot more attention that most sub-par quarterbacks of terrible teams will get, and it’s mostly to try and make fun of him and his cause.

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