31 Best Memes of Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers Breaking the Dallas Cowboys Hearts

Another NFL playoffs, and once again Aaron Rodgers breaks the heart of the Dallas Cowboys, with the memes split between making fun of a team everyone loves to hate, and adoring the best quarterback in the league.

Mason Crosby was the one who hit that huge field goal (in fact two massive ones in the second half) that won the game as time expired, but it was Rodgers who turned the 3rd and 20 into a brilliant pass to Jared Cook, who did even better by keeping the ball in bounds for the right amount of time he needed to set his feet and roll out of bounds.

Dak Prescott was terrible in the early goings of his playoff debut, but eventually made the big plays that got the Cowboys back in the game. The Cowboys had some just complaining regarding some officiating in this game, but either way, it was a classic. Not just the 34-31 scoreline and the “buzzer beater” from Crosby, but it was also the highest rated divisional playoff game in the NFL in 20 years.

Now the Packers play another road game, this time in Atlanta. Rodgers showed once more that his late season surge places him on top of the QB lists in the NFL. Yes, even above Tom Brady. The Cowboys gave a taste of what they might be like for years to come, although this team, despite their 13-3 season, is some way off being complete enough in order to make a serious Super Bowl challenge.

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