16 Best Memes of Brock Osweiler & the Houston Texans Sucking Against the New England Patriots

Memes don’t always have to point out something previously unknown to people in order to be effective. In the case of Brock Osweiler, who once again looked awful for the Houston Texans against the New England Patriots and in general, pointing out the obvious is still funny.

Osweiler is so bad that Tom Brady can have his worst performance of the season and still walk away with a comfortable win. The Texans defense gave him a hard time, but Osweiler makes quarterbacking look so difficult, the Texans never really stood a chance.

The Texans haven’t given up on him yet, but that $72 million over four years contract looks more and more like money thrown to the… trash. If he’ll keep playing like football isn’t something he majored in during his college years at Arizona State, he won’t remain on the team to see the end of the deal, unless he takes some major pay cut.

The Patriots? It’s not too unlike them to have one bad game in the playoffs. They usually learn and improve as they move on to yet another AFC championship game. In Foxboro, it’s hard to convince me that a lackluster performance is a sign that things might not be so perfect for them this season.