15 Best Memes of the Oklahoma City Thunder Knocking Out the San Antonio Spurs

The quest for six the San Antonio Spurs were on ended in game 6 at the hands of the Oklahoma City Thunder, making the meme makers celebrate in the misery of the losing team.

The Spurs were heavy favorites when the series began, and even blew out the Thunder in the opening game. But in similar fashion to the two team’s 2012 playoff series, the Spurs crumbled, be it old age, getting outcoached by Billy Donovan or simply not being good enough to stop the Russell Westbrook – Kevin Durant combination.

Kawhi Leonard is the best player on this team, but still seems a bit shy when it comes to leading it through difficult situations. LaMarcus Aldridge is going to be his main offensive partner in the next few years, but the Spurs needed more from him too. And maybe David West is the big “loser” in this all, giving up a lot of money when choosing to join the Spurs and try to win a championship.

The Thunder don’t have an easier task in the next round, despite knocking off a 67-win team. The Golden State Warriors, with 73 regular season win and only two postseason losses so far, are up next. A team the Thunder failed to beat in the regular season. For a few days, before the Western Conference Finals begin, they can look back at a series that changed ¬†number of times, and surprisingly they ended up coming out on top.

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Images Source: NBA Memes & Crying Jordan