17 Best Memes of the Philadelphia Eagles Crushed by the Arizona Cardinals

Does it still make sense to make fun of DeMarco Murray at this point? Meme makers seem to think he’s still worthy of their wrath following another abysmal performance from him and the Philadelphia Eagles, crushed by the Arizona Cardinals.

They were run over by David Johnson, who had 187 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Meanwhile, the $8 million man, Murray, ran twice for three yards and didn’t catch a single pass. Chip Kelly has had enough of him, and it’s not quite certain if it’s because Murray can’t make a play or because he ran to complain about playing time and snaps to the owner.

The Eagles can still make the playoffs if they win their next two games, one of them against the Washington Redskins, the division leaders. But it’s hard to call anything about this season a success, and although Chip Kelly will likely keep his job no matter how this ends, there are many who think he doesn’t deserve another shot.

The Cardinals? Without the pressure or attention, they’re having another fantastic season, en route to win a tough division by looking great on both ends of the field. Are they the best team in the NFL? Until we see them winning a playoff game, we’ll keep that “title” for the Panthers or Patriots.

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