Best Memes of the San Diego Chargers & Joey Bosa Feuding Over a Contract

Eli Manning Meme

The San Diego Chargers are trying to make Joey Bosa seem like the bad guy in their failed contract negotiations. From most of the memes reacting to the standoff between the team and the rookie, it seems like their media tactics aren’t working.

Right now, it seems like the unbelievable is happening: Bosa’s rookie season will be put on hold. The Chargers and the number 3 overall pick can’t come to an agreement on a contract, as the team is asking Bosa to sign a deal that no other rookie in the NFL has signed: They want both offset language (which means they don’t have to pay all the contract’s money if he’s gone before the four years are up), and don’t want to pay him all the signing bonus now. Bosa is willing to have the offset language in the deal (something no other rookie has), but only if the Chargers pay 100% of the signing bonus in 2016.

As the Chargers last ditch effort to sign Bosa failed, they went to social media and pretty much trashed their own player for not signing what they think is a very generous deal. The Bosa camp replied, and in a battle between rich players and rich owners, it seems the owners are the ones falsifying facts, and basically lying while trying to make their first round draft pick look bad. Not a smart tactic considering he’s not the last player they’ll need to try and convince to join the team, in San Diego or Los Angeles. Remember when Eli Manning refused to play for San Diego 12 years ago? Rumors has it his father didn’t want to deal with the Spanos family.

What now? Bosa is waiting for the Chargers to give him the right offer, or wait until week 10 goes by. What happens then? He’s basically off the hook with the Chargers, and can re-enter the draft. San Diego have said they’re going to change their offer for when Bosa decides to return because of missed games, which means less money. But the result of this standoff could make a great deal of change in how rookies and free agents treat the Chargers in the future, and maybe have an impact on the next CBA.

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