21 Best Memes of Robert Griffin III Breaking a Bone in his Shoulder


In spectacular Cleveland Browns fashion, Robert Griffin III finished his first game as the team’s quarterback with a shoulder injury, which turns out to be more series than previously thought. Yada, yada yada: He’s out for at least 8 weeks, and the memes making fun of the situation won’t stop coming.

Turns out he fractured a bone in his left shoulder, and while the Browns won’t shut him down for the season and will reassess the situation in 4 weeks, he won’t be back until at least week 10, with a chance to get back in training six weeks from now.

Maybe Griffin’s body wasn’t meant to be in the NFL, considering all of his injuries. He didn’t start for over a year until the Browns gave him the opportunity, and it ended up being both an awful return performance for him, and a game that sends him away from the picture for a couple of months.

Interesting how things work, as Griffin signed for the Browns, who lost to the Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz. The Eagles traded with the Browns to move up in the draft and get Wentz. Before the game the Browns released a taunting piece of information, suggesting they didn’t think he could become a top 20 quarterback in the NFL. Well now, they’re back with Josh McCown, while Griffin already looks like a huge mistake.

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