30 Best Memes of Colin Kaepernick Sitting While the San Francisco 49ers Destroy the Los Angeles Rams


Meme makers were interested in two things when it came to the San Francisco 49ers beating up the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football: Colin Kaepernick sitting during the national anthem and the game, and how soon will Jeff Fisher be fired.

We’ll begin with Fisher, the king of 7-9 seasons, who started the season with 0 points. Nothing from Todd Gurley, nothing from Case Keenum, and the first overall draft pick, Jared Goff, sitting on the bench as the third string quarterback.

The owner of the team doesn’t really care. Stan Kroenke thinks money, not championships. It’s the same with his running of Arsenal in the English Premier League. He cared about getting the team out of St. Louis and moving it to L.A., and the rest doesn’t really matter.

As for Kaepernick, kneeling or sitting down, it doesn’t matter. While some people still argue about whether his protest is legitimate or just a publicity stunt, once the season begins, the way it’s been perceived is completely different. No more jokes about him as a person – now it’s all about him being a backup quarterback, and the protesting simply being a warmup to sitting on the bench all game long while Blaine Gabbert does well. Kaepernick, protesting or not, is going to be sitting down for a long time.

not-sure-meme rams-paper-bag rams-points-0 ruining-your-black-panther-party rams-punter stan-kroenke-meme 7-9-jeff-fisher-meme bandwagon-rams-fans rams-season-burning rams-fans-looking-at-jeff-fisher st-lose-loss-angeles send-them-back-to-st-louis kaepernick-sitting kaepernick-benchwarmer la-lambs kneeling-so-hot-right-now more-rushing-yards-than-gurley like-look-at-kaepernick no-solidarity stan-wtf kapernick-watching-gabbert kaepernick-stats waiting-for-the-rams-to-show-up sitting-all-the-time resting-to-keep-the-seat-warm rams-logging-off rams-moon rams-bandwagon aaron-donald-crying-jordan