22 Best Memes of the Pittsburgh Penguins Winning the Stanley Cup

Phil Kessel Hot Dog

The 2016 Stanley Cup Finals are over, the Pittsburgh Penguins are the champions. Meaning? The San Jose Sharks have a lot of memes making fun of them.

Being sharks makes it easy to make fun of you in the meme world. Why? Not sure, but it works, especially when the opponent is a Penguin. Either way, there’s always a Crying Jordan meme to throw around when you’re out of ideas.

A lot of people were angry that Sidney Crosby won the Finals MVP (Conn Smythe Trophy). Not sure if it’s the usual hate for Crosby, or actually feeling sorry for Martin Murray or someone else, feeling they got robbed.

But I think Sharks fans are angrier. They felt quite confident heading into the series, maybe too confident. As if they forgot how quick the Penguins are, and how talented they’ve always been, only with the fixes they’ve been needed for years finally in place.

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