14 Best Memes of BIsmack Biyombo & the Raptors Crushing LeBron & the Cavs

From a sweep, we’ve got ourselves a series, as meme makers have a hero – Bismack Biyombo of the Toronto Raptors, and plenty of villains on the Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron James, but also Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

Because as easy as it is to pour down the hate on LeBron, Love has been a disaster in the last few games. He had a lot of close misses in game 4, but the Cavaliers offense, especially with the Raptors doing a good job of denying them a open route to the basket, and taking out Channing Frye from the equation. Reducing him into just a spot up shooter, one that also misses, has worked wonders for them.

Then there are Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan, not letting earlier struggles get to them, carrying the offense like they have all season long, looking a lot like the backcourt that was promised when this postseason began. The Cavaliers keep getting wrong switches on them, which ruined them in the end.

From here? They always say about game 3 being the most important one when the series is tied. They say it now about game 5. The Raptors now have to prove that playing away from home isn’t the problem it has seemed to be in the first two games, while the Cavaliers need to figure out how to cancel the adjustments the Raptors have been making.

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