24 Best Memes of the Broncos Crushing Brock Osweiler & the Texans

The Denver Broncos were more than happy to put on a defensive show against the Houston Texans and make Brock Osweiler look miserable, which the memes didn’t fail to notice.

Most of the memes either focus on making Osweiler look like a trash can, or making fun of his $72 million salary. The thing is: That’s what you pay these days for a starting quarterback who is signing his second quarterback. Too much? Maybe. But Osweiler got that money because he had other offers.

But there’s no escaping the feeling that the Texans might not have the franchise quarterback they’ve been looking for so many years. This is a franchise that has made the playoffs a number of times since arriving in the early 00’s, but it has yet to draft or sign a quarterback that they can look at and say: This is the guy we can build around and win a championship. Matt Schaub wasn’t far from it, but he fell apart in spectacular fashion at the most unexpected of moments.

Meanwhile, John Elway is right to be laughing. He saw last season how far a team can go with a quarterback that isn’t great (or worse), and putting it all on the defense. Maybe going with two players who are basically rookies to man the position this year is stretching that formula a bit too far, but there’s no reason to spend that kind of money on someone you don’t believe can win big for you in the long term.

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