10 Best Memes of Carlos Condit Robbed by Robbie Lawler

The weird decision giving Robbie Lawler the win over Carlos Condit had meme makers in a Steve Harvey kind of mood, showing what fans felt of the decision in the UFC 195 title fight, hinting it was something of a robbery.

Lawler, the Welterweight champion, taking on Condit, was the highlight of UFC 195. Lawler won by decision after five rounds, in which he landed half the hits Condit threw at him, although he probably was more accurate. Lawler owned round 5, but probably lost three or even four of the previous ones. Did one knockdown help him overcome so many minutes of inferior fighting?

Decisions in fights like these are always difficult to figure out. But it was one hell of a fight regardless of the decision in it, even if it was probably the wrong one. In order to justify one mistake, people are saying Condit shouldn’t have been the challenger anyway, and someone else was better suited (in terms of worthiness, not ability, which Condit clearly showed) to fight Lawler.

Steve Harvey didn’t come out and reverse the decision. Lawler walked away with the championship belt. That was it. Condit? Maybe he’ll be champion soon enough, but turns out the judges and the UFC weren’t ready to let him become a champion just yet.

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