14 Best Memes of Jay Cutler & the Chicago Bears Stunning the Minnesota Vikings

And so, the Minnesota Vikings hype train is derailed, by Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears of all teams, which is certainly meme worthy.

The best defense in the NFL might still be the best, yet they still couldn’t carry a stagnant offense to a win against the Bears, who were playing with a quarterback the franchise doesn’t want, and were 1-6 heading into the game. But turns out Cutler and Alshon Jeffery aren’t bad together after all, and Jordan Howard, a rookie running back, isn’t too shabby either.

To be honest, Sam Bradford wasn’t too bad. He just wasn’t above average, and when the running game isn’t getting anything done and the defense can’t force the opponents into the mistakes they’re used to forcing, Bradford needs to be more than just a game-manager, but a big time playmaker. It’s something he has, but the Vikings couldn’t get out of him this time.

The Bears won’t win the NFC North, but maybe this season will have some moments of smiling at the end of games, sporadically. The Vikings still lead the division, but it’s probably going to be more difficult than they imagined it would be two weeks ago.

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