13 Best Memes of the Cubs beat the Indians in Game 2

And the World Series is tied, which means the memes took a swing after game 2: From laughing at the Chicago Cubs and the curse, to making fun of the Cleveland Indians for generally sucking.

The jokes weren’t covering too much ground: A little bit on walking the Cubs quite a lot during the game, but mostly using the ‘Major League’ version of the Cleveland Indians as their mocking reference. What can you do – the Indians aren’t that entrenched in American pop culture to be a bit easier to mock and have everyone figure out the joke.

Speaking about baseball, there’s Joe Buck who seemed to take Kyle Schwarber’s return to the plate very seriously, maybe too seriously. He was beyond happy when Schwarber got his first RBI of the postseason, but Buck annoys so many people and so many ways (and is always a great sport about it), it doesn’t really matter what people say about him anymore.

While the Indians have gotten plenty of praise for how their bullpen, and especially Andrew Miller & Cody Allen have performed, but it paint a different picture than reality: They’ve gotten some quality innings from their starters and especially Corey Kluber. They need someone else besides him to step up.

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