Gadji Tallo – Faking an Injury and Getting Mad About It

You can’t have your cake and eat it too was made for situations like the one we witnessed in the match between Ajaccio and Guingamp, as Gadji Tallo faked an injury to be taken off the pitch with a stretcher, and then throw a fit and look completely healthy when he realized his manager, Fabrizio Ravanelli, pulled him off with a substitution.

But when you try and cheat, you don’t always get the result you bargained for. Tallo thought he could simply buy some time with his antics and rolling around on the pitch as Ajaccio were trying to hold on to a lead on a tough away match, which they couldn’t (lost 2-1 eventually).

The comical bit came when Tallo, after being stretchered off the pitch, realized he was replaced by Stefan Pppescu. The Ivorian forward, on loan from AS Roma, got up and stood on his feet looking fitter and healthier than ever before, beginning some sort of shouting match with his manager.

Ravanelli and Tallo

Ravanelli seemed to gesture that ‘how am I suppose to know what was happening’, while Tallo was gesturing to his manager that he should have waited a little bit with doing the switch.

In any case, maybe slightly because of the substitution, Ajaccio lost 2-1 as Guingamp scored two goals in the final four minutes of the match. With the loss, Ajaccio have remained were they were before the match – at 18th, which is inside the relegation zone. Guingamp one of the more surprising teams this season, are up to 5th with 17 points, two behind Nantes at 4th and  six behind Lille and 3rd.