Gareth Bale Scores the Own Goal of the Season

Luckily for Gareth Bale and Tottenham, despite scoring an own goal, one of the most comical you’ll ever get to see, that was the closest Liverpool got to scoring this evening at White Hart Lane. Bale, who had a hand, a leg and a head in every goal in the 2-1 win, won’t be too down about nearly costing his team two or three points at home.

Because Bale was everywhere in the beginning of the match, blasting through Liverpool defenders after six minutes, creating an easy goal for Aaron Lennon. A few minutes later, a Clint Dempsey dive allowed Bale to take a free kick which hit the head of Jordan Henderson and gave Spurs a 2-0 before Liverpool were settled in.

Throughout the first half, each time he had possession near the Liverpool penalty box you could feel the trembling legs and frightened minds. Liverpool haven’t been doing well in this stadium since 2008, and Bale has been a big reason. Unfortunately for him, he almost cost his team a win, not exactly by his own fault, as a failed line clearance hit him instead of flying through the air.

Tottenham managed to hang on to a 2-1 victory despite a pretty dismal display, in which they concentrated on defending and clearing crosses from the box, probably feeling a bit lucky they came out with the three points against an inferior Liverpool side that outplayed them through long stretches of the match, but as usual, found it hard to actually score a goal.