Gary Roberts Takes Off the Pants of Russell Penn

It’s a good thing that not everything is too serious in the lower divisions, as Gary Roberts of Chesterfield provided the funniest moment of the season thus far by pulling down the pants of Russell Penn as the two argued over a free kick spot as Chesterfield beat Cheltenham 2-0.

After being award a free kick, Roberts was trying to position the ball a bit closer to the box than he should have, while Russell Penn was standing close to the referee, conntiounsly obstructing the free kick from being taken.

In order to bring on some retaliation and get a laugh out of the referee and the home fans, Roberts decided to punish Penn from interfering with his free kick placing and taking by pulling down his pants. Nothing happened to Roberts, getting a smile or two from the referee, while the humiliated Penn was left steaming.

Chesterfield went on to win 2-0 with Roberts scoring one of the goals, as the League 2 club win both of their opening matches while Cheltenham are still looking for their first win of the season. Roberts, 29, peaked as a footballer about 5-6 years ago, playing for Ipswich in the Championship.

Gary Roberts & Russell Penn