Georges the Dog Trying to Play Fetch With World Cup Footballers

Not all dogs are interested in TV or watching sports, but it turns out one canine named Georges can’t get enough of the 2014 World Cup, as he is pretty sure the ball moving around the pitch on the screen is a game for him to participate in.

So while the owner is watching some football – Argentina in this documented case, playing against Bosnia, Georges stands as close as possible to the screen and seems quite entranced whenever the ball is shows.

He runs from side to side, breathing heavily, sure that at any moment, that ball is going to be kicked in his direction, where he’ll be ready to take over and do whatever it is that dogs do when they grab hold of a soccer ball. Usually it has to do with puncturing it and ruining it for good.

The World Cup isn’t just for soccer fans. It’s not just for men. It’s not even just for people. It turns out that if your dog believes in what he sees on a TV screen, it can be just as fun of a month for him or her as well.